fucked up in the crib drinkin dr. perky
⚝ hi im manda! feel free to have a look around! ⚝
Who are you...?
Name: (a)manda (fr33k1b, jermanda)
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 27 (1995)
Breed: puppygirl (mutt)
Occupation: Vet Tech (dog nurse)
Vices: Sloth, nicotine, lust
Spirituality: Eclectic Wicca
Zodiac: cancer
Life Path #: 3
Whacha up to...?
Playing: .....nothing......
Listening to: 100000 gecs
Watching: tru crime
Smoking: mids. idk.
Feeling: The current mood of fr33k1b at www.imood.com

INTERESTS: animal science, weed, cool movies, character design, pixel art, anime/manga.

HOBBIES: Digital and traditional art, listening to music, vibeo game, virtual pet sites, dressup games/ avatar creation

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picrews :3