Name: sam/anda/manda
Pronouns: she/her
Status: Wageslave
Currently Relocating: San Diego - PHX, AZ
Zodiac: cancer
iMood: The current mood of fr33k1b at

INTERESTS: animal science, coding, microbiology, speculative biology, 3ds homebrew, crafting, pixel art, Otome games, virtual pet sites

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Reading List:

⛧Lapvona⛧ Ottessa Moshfegh ** Finished! Review incoming...

⛧Poor Things⛧ Alasdair Gray

⛧Dungeon Meshi⛧ Ryoko Kui

⛧This Thing Between Us⛧ Gus Moreno

⛧The Plaugue Dogs⛧ Richard Adams

⛧Ghosts of my Life⛧ Mark Fisher

⛧House of Leaves⛧ Mark Z. Danielewsk [re-read]

Currently Playing:


⛧Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side Part 1

⛧Yume Nikki Online

⛧Death Stranding [on hold]

⛧Eldin Ring[on hold]

⛧Animal Crossing New Horizons[on and off]


⛧building an art section/art pages

⛧dream page (maybe an idea page since i dont rely remeber my dreams...)

⛧create flipnote animation(s)



discord: meatcage#6459




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my cool dogs!

Pepper [Pee, Peppy] - Jindo/mix - LVL: 72 - Role: Lead

Class: Mage [Q] - Quartz mages derive their power from the magik properties of quartz stones.

Ability: Sacred Wisdom- Mages with Sacred Wisdom have long since mastered their craft. [+2] to ALL [INT / WIS / CON] encounters.

Debuff: Anxious - User will be too scared to move under certain circumstances. [-3] to ALL [LOUD] + [SUDDEN] encounters.

Alignment: True Neutral

Ideals: Tranquility, dominance, solitude

Background: Traumatic but not divulged.

Laika [Laika-Bean, Bean(y), LB] - ACD/mix - LVL: 34 - Role: Speed/power

Class: Melee [B] - Blood fighters utilize their teeth and claws to inflict damage.

Ability: Flight - Users with the flight ability are able to maintain sprint speed for longer than usual. [+2] to ALL [DEX / STR] encounters. Speed-based events give the user’s whole party [+2].

Debuff: Loud voice - User will be easier to hear by enemies when hiding. [-2] in all hiding-based events.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Ideals: Pleasure, freedom, comfort

Background: Rescued as a young puppy from Texas. Adopted at 4 months. Trained as fighter, leaning into her talents with speed and agility.

Homer [Homie, Hommy] - Chi/mix- LVL: 32 - Role: Fighter

Class: Warrior [D] - Demolition warriors utilize explosives and bombs to confound and destroy enemies and their resources.

Ability: Backup - If the user is in a party with 2 or more total players, he will recieve a [+2] to ALL [DEX / STR / CON] actions. Frightening events give the user [-2] if alone.

Debuff: [Diseased] Pemphigus [Status: Remission] - Autoimmune disease that causes skin lesions. [-2] to all actions when flaring. [-1] when performing actions in direct sunlight. When in remission, no negative effects are enabled.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Ideals: Comfort, warmth, security.

Background: Rescued from streets. Timid, but confident when with his friends. Loves toys and collecting toys into a specific spot.

...and don't forget snoopy! he lives here on my webedsite.

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