It's Da Yoshi Shrine

Yoshi has been my comfort character since I was 6 years old. I loved Yoshi before there were plushies of them available for purchase. Yoshi's Story was the first video game I played on my Nintendo 64. I was terrfied at the idea of a Yoshi dying by my hand if I made an error while playing the game (something i did Often since I was and still am dogshit at video gaems). Yoshi was always my first choice when we played Mario Kart or Smash Bros. I remember having a fight with a friend one day because we both wanted to be Yoshi in Smash, only to have the fight resolve instantaneously when we realized not only can multiple players share Yoshi- but there were also DIFFERENT COLOR YOSHIS to choose from. I was hooked. I couldn't fathom a better little guy. I dreamed of Yoshi. My firt website (made with the help of my dad when I was 10-11 years old) was called 'amandasyoshi' and I used to to catagorize my knowledge of Yoshi. I uploaded many images of Yoshi to my website. I scoured many old web pages for graphics of him, lore about him, anything I could get my hands on that reminded me of Him (Yoshi). I remember a site called that I frequented. I found many artists and likeminded people there. The domain is now for sale, but it can be viewed on the Wayback Machine. It's funny to be here now, inching terrifying close to me 30's, that I find myself here again- frantically looking for Yoshi images to hoard and put into a little webshrine. I felt that there was no better subject for my very first webshrine than my very first love, Yoshi. Yeehahoooah!!!