YOUTUBE HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below, you'll find a roatating selection of the video I find myself always coming back to for some reason. These are the ones that I think about at random times and consider to be some of my favorites! I'll update this list as needed when new gems come into my life.

i've been watching yotube nonstop since it was first created. I was 10 years old when youtube given to us. I was there for all of it! It's crazy to think about it. My favorite videos when I was really young were reposts from NicoNicoDouga and YTP's, which were pretty new to everyone at that time. I liked Fred (becuz he was ZOMG s000 r@nd0m x3) and (regretably) shane dawson and Smosh! I also really loved all the FilmCow videos (the guys who made Charlie the Unicorn) Anyway! My tastes are more refined nowadays, but I still watch yotube daily! I see no need for cable when I can watch content about my specific interests made by people who are my peers! It's quite wonderful! Disclaimer: Youtube sucks for various reasons, including allowing questionable content to be easily acessable to minors, unfairly demonitizing creators, and various other reasons. This page is just to celebrate the culture that was created by Youtube user.